Something Needs to Change

Meet Jane…

A well-established, professional woman, she knows something is not quite right with her life. She is unhappy, unfulfilled, and going through the motions as her inner self tells her there is something more. “But what is missing?” she asks herself with a mix of curiosity and disappointment. She did all she thought she was supposed to do….went to school, did her homework, listened to her elders, graduated college, found a lucrative career in her field of study, got married, and started a family. What more could she ask for? Her life is good. So why then is she feeling drawn to do something more and what would that be?

All she knows for sure is something needs to change.

  • She is feeling empty and wanting to fill the void.
  • Although she looks ahead to the future, she is scared of it too.
  • She has dreams, but fears pursuing them.
  • While she feels she has so much, she craves more joy and fulfillment in her life.
  • She is constricted by the stresses and demands of work, family, and society.
  • She treads water in the status quo, hoping and praying her head stays above the water each day.

Exploring traditional avenues to find solutions left Jane with no answers, only feeling lost, alone, and more isolated and different from the norm than ever before.

Do you feel like Jane?

  • Are you a seeker, searching for a more satisfying way of life but not knowing where to look?
  • Are you feeling lost, alone, unfulfilled, and fatigued by every day responsibilities and obligations?

If you said yes, then it’s time to explore. But not explore in the traditional sense of looking “out there.” Now is the time for something different…to explore the terrain within your own being. The answers you seek are inside of you, and the journey is traveling the pathway within to find them. There are tools and techniques you can use to guide you on your way, and I can share them with you and be a companion on your journey. Would you like to talk with me about what may help you as you travel your path?

Contact me at 908-930-9248 or to schedule a complimentary phone consultation.


With Love, Light and Gratitude,


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