Want to Shed Some Stress During the Holidays? Here’s One Surefire Way to Do It

Growing up, Saturday morning was cleaning time in the Sauchelli household. Each week, my mother adamantly got my brother and I up and moving to organize our rooms, dust, vacuum, change sheets, and more. I dreaded this weekly Saturday ritual as all I wanted to do was watch morning cartoons or play with my toys and games.

As an I adult, I asked my mother why each Saturday without fail she so strongly made us engage in cleaning craziness.

“Sandy,” she said calmly, “Every Saturday you knew I would be getting after you to clean your room. If you just kept your room clean right along, I would not have had to have you do this.”

I could not dispute her logic. Each Saturday, I knew what was coming yet I never did what I needed to do to avoid it. I recognized in that moment one surefire way to shed some stress – Prepare for What You Know. Had I done so, I could have avoided the stress and dread of Saturday cleaning crazy.

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Holiday time comes at the same time every year. What can you do to Prepare for What You Know and lessen some of the stressors around this time?

Here Are Some Ideas:

  • Sending Holiday Cards? Get your cards early and start writing them out… a little each day. At the end of this holiday season, purchase your cards for next year (you will likely be able to purchase them at a reduced cost).
  • Cooking or Baking? Start purchasing your staple ingredients now (flour, sugar, etc.), whatever you can purchase ahead of time. Perhaps there are items you can cook ahead of time and freeze to take out for holiday time.
  • Dreading Holiday Traveling or Obligations? Practice mindfulness relaxation techniques to help you build an inner foundation of stability to keep you calm during these stressful situations. Click here for some suggestions.
  • Are You Gift Giving This Year? Listen now for what those you are buying for are talking about. You may find some ideas within what they say.
  • Do You Have Someone on Your Gift List Who Has Everything? Consider giving them one of my gift cards for an energy healing or a meditative relaxation session. I’m offering special discounted pricing for gift cards purchased before Thanksgiving! Contact me for more information and contact me for details.
  • Hosting a Holiday Gathering? Start purchasing what you know you’ll need now (i.e., favors, decorations, paper products, etc.). Create your holiday guest list and save it so you can use and/or modify it for future years.

When you prepare for what you know, you give yourself the opportunity to have more space and time to experience the holiday season with a happier, lighter frame of mind. What are some other ways you can apply the Prepare for What You Know concept to the holiday season and other areas of your life?

With Love, Light and Gratitude,

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