Do you feel exhausted by the demands of work and family? Maybe you’re frustrated with being stuck in a job or relationship and don’t know how to change it? Are you overwhelmed with everything you have to do?

Our day to day lives are so busy, that it causes us to become disconnected from what really matters. As a result, we’re so busy DOING that we forget how to connect to our inner BEING which is where our power is.

I believe that the deepest and most truly lasting level of self-care is strengthening the connection to your own inner being. That way, you can access your power at any time so that external circumstances – like the challenges of work, family, or current events – don’t weigh you down.

Pathways to Presence

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Sandy Sauchelli
Pathways to Presence LLC

I help frustrated and overworked professionals create more joy, energy, and fulfillment in their lives. Are you feeling frustrated, overworked, stressed or tired? Using a personalized blend of different mindfulness techniques, I can guide you to find your way out of the “muck” and to connect to the power you have within yourself to create the life you want.

The answers you seek are not “out there.” They come from within you, and I can help you find them.

With over 26 years of corporate experience, I understand the struggles and challenges of balancing the demands and stresses of work, family, relationships, and life events. As a certified Life Activation Practitioner, Meditation and Stress Management Instructor, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Guide, my passion is to help you see your struggles and challenges with a new perspective, find actionable steps to move forward, and find peace, joy, energy and fulfillment in your present moment.

Innate within you is the power to change your life. The key is to make the choice to do it.