Wisdom From an Unexpected Place

For most days in the last 14 years, I was privileged to drive by them. Two trees, standing side by side juxtaposed against a brick building. They’ve captured my attention through the years, and at this moment, realizing I will not be driving by them any longer, I ask myself, what wisdom exists in the beauty and presence of these trees? This is what I discovered:

  1. Bend and Flow with Change. Despite the different climates of the seasons, these trees adjust to their environment so they thrive. Autumn colored leaves fall gracefully to the ground leaving bare branches for winter. The warmth of spring inspires buds and leaves to flourish through the spring and summer. Each season, the trees shed what they no longer need to create space for what is to come. Humans have the ability to do this too if we choose. We can release what no longer serves us in order to create space for more opportunities to flow into our lives. Reflection: Can we choose to release outlived beliefs, expectations, and judgments so we can be open to new, unchartered possibilities?
  1. We Hold Great Strength. Despite the harshness of severe weather ranging from snowstorms, hurricanes, and even an earthquake and tornado, these trees continue to stand their ground. They hold steadfast in their presence strongly grounded and rooted in the earth. While some branches may have fallen, the trees survive with inspiring strength. Rather than succumbing to the severity of their external environment, these trees draw strength from their own essence and continue to stand strong. Reflection: Despite what is going on around us, how can we cultivate and harness the strength rooted within our essence to guide us through uncertain and fearful times?
  1. Treasure Your Companions. These two trees seem to dance together, as if communicating with one another and enjoying each other’s company. Appreciate the supportive and loving companions in your life (people, pets, plants, and all living beings) and all of the gifts they bring. Reflection: When in your life do you sense the love and support of treasured companions?
  1. Draw Your Nourishment from Every Source. From above, below, north, south, east and west, these trees gather nourishment. The atmosphere around them supports their existence and they have adapted. Even though they overlook buildings and parking lots, these trees are a manifestation of a perfect balance of nature. Reflection: No matter our external circumstance, how can we recognize and absorb the nourishment that exists around us?

I invite you to take a minute, or two or more and notice. Notice the essence of life that presents itself around you in different forms…the life we pass by in the midst our daily routines without much thought. Notice and allow yourself to be open to the wisdom in the interconnectedness of life.

With Love, Light and Gratitude,

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