Is this YOU when You Get Up in the Morning? Three Questions to Ask Yourself

Is this YOU when You Get Up in the Morning?
Maybe jumping out of bed with boundless energy to kick-start your day isn’t your thing… we’re not all morning people.
Wouldn’t be nice to have more energy whenever you wake up, or to have more energy all the time?
The truth is you actually do have the energy within you, but you may not be aware of it, or know how to tap into it just yet.

ENERGY is a force of power, and we all have it. All living tissue generates it. Every thought and action is fueled by it. You can notice the impact of energy based on your body’s sensory interpretation of your experiences. You have an energy body, and getting to know it… what fuels it and what drains it, is vital to your quality of life. Caring for your energy body is vital because it powers our physicality, thoughts, and emotions. The first step in caring for your energy body is AWARENESS.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself to help you to increase your awareness of your energy body:

  • Does your energy level shift with differences in the weather?
  • How about when entering different rooms, your home, your workplace, or talking with different people?
  • What experiences seem to give you more power or seem to take away your power?

The more you contemplate these questions, the more you learn about your energy, and, you may discover other questions to ask yourself.

Want to know more?  Contact me so I can help you to discover more about how to keep your energy vibration high and how your energy can fuel your life.


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