Read What Clients Have Experienced…

“I had been leading a nonstop life that I knew wasn’t good for me. Since starting meditation, I’ve been better able to refocus and approach life in a more healthy and positive way. It brings me more in touch with my mind and body andI’m able to relax.

Judy M. / Administrative Assistant, NJ

“Normally I have 20 million thoughts in my head ricocheting off one another. After receiving Reiki my mind was empty. Beyond quiet. It lasted longer than it ever has before. I actually had the thought: Wow, it’s quiet in here.”

Michelle / Counselor, NJ

After receiving Reiki I felt really present, happy. There was no thinking going on.”

Elisabeth Antoine / Artist, NJ

“Stress Rescue really opened my eyes. It helped me to better understand where my stress was coming from and I learned ways to manage it that I haven’t heard before.”

Patricia D. / NJ

“I have arthritis and knee issues and decided to try Reiki since nothing else was helping. After one Reiki session with Sandy, the pain in my knees and from my arthritis went down and I was able to bend one knee without feeling any pain. I was able to do things around the house with less pain and more energy.”

Mary A. / Retired, NJ

“I noticed I was able to move more easily without the usual aches and pains after I had my Life Activation. I feel like a weight  was lifted off me and I’m motivated to get things done (something I haven’t felt in a long time).”

Landon S. / NJ

“In the fall of 2016, Sandy Sauchelli presented a workshop at the Lumen Center in Caldwell, New Jersey, where I am Co- Director; a center for personal and spiritual growth.Sandy’s topic was very relevant for our participants. Her presentation was clear, informative andenthusiastic; her enthusiasm emanates from confidence in her material and her beliefs that they contribute to overall well-being.At times the evening was interactive with Sandy demonstrating techniques to assist the group with their own stressors, and at times Sandy addressed questions that the audience was at ease in asking. Judging from the evaluations after the program, Stress as a Spiritual Teacher was a success. Sandy will definitely be invited back to the Lumen Center to share her wealth of expertise in areas that enable health and well-being.”

Kathleen Detlet, D.Min. / Co-Director, Lumen Center

“About 2 years ago, a diamond earring my godmother gave me fell out without me knowing. When I realized it was missing I was devastated!  This haunted me for so long.  I had a crystal healing session with Sandy and I was finally letting go of the guilt. BUT something much more was happening… I went home and put on my slippers and felt something in the tip of the toe area. It was my missing diamond earring!!! Thank you Sandy for bringing this healing to me and helping me raise consciousness!

Jess H. / NJ

“When looking for a health-focused initiative to bring to my company, Pathways to Presence came highly recommended from a co-worker.

From the start, working with Sandy Sauchelli from Pathways to Presence was very easy. She took the time to learn about us and our company’s needs and budget before offering several thoughtful suggestions. In the end, we went with a four-part “Stress Rescue” workshop, focusing on dealing with every day stresses and finding the elusive work-life balance.

The attendees of the workshops found them informative, calming and helpful right from the start. Many of our employees returned to the workshop each week to learn more. Ms. Sauchelli offered plenty of actionable tips and suggestions for combating stress, be it on-going or acute.

Overall, my company was very pleased with Pathways to Presence and the attendees had nothing but positive feedback. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Ms. Sauchelli again.”

April Duncza / Phoenix Marketing Solutions

“I decided to attend one of Sandy’s meditation circles because I’ve never had much success meditating on my own. The way it was described was interesting to me because it wasn’t just sitting in silence. During the meditation, it was a blend of music, guided meditation, and silence – as if I was guided into it very gently. Afterwards, I felt peaceful yet energized – and I enjoyed chatting with the group when we were done.

I liked it so well that I invited Sandy to present to my women’s Meetup group. It was easy to coordinate the logistics with her and she really delivered: she was on time, professional, and knowledgeable. She facilitated group discussion easily and gave us tangible tools we could use right away to reduce the stress in our lives.

I highly recommend Sandy Sauchelli to any organization needing a speaker or any company looking for an employee engagement training that improves the quality of life of their members or employees – and to any person who is seeking more clarity and calm in their lives.”

Christine Clifton / Author, Transformational Speaker