What are Seven Tools You Hold in Your DeStress ToolBox?

Did you ever feel like nothing is going as you’ve planned?

You’ve dreamed, set intentions, asked for help from others and/or a force greater than yourself, and still felt completely lost, stuck, unsupported and alone?

It is from these feelings and experiences you are called to dig deep  and dig out the tools in your DeStress Toolbox.

Were you aware that you have a toolbox filled with tools to help you through stressful times?  You do! And it’s a matter of taking the inner journey to rediscover them and develop a regular practice of using them.

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Here Are Seven of the Tools You Hold:

1.The Tool of Perspective. Step outside of yourself and see the bigger picture. You are the spoke of a wheel, not the wheel itself. Your life situation is intricately linked to the whole. Choosing to shift perspectives to self-supporting ones not only can help to keep your spoke intact but can also move the entire wheel forward with greater ease.

2. The Tool of Strength. Strength…we all have it even when we think we don’t. Strength is your inner fuel that keeps you moving through each day. You use the exact amount of strength you need in every moment to face your challenges and obstacles. It is the strength of your unwavering spirit fueling your mind, body and soul. Take a deep breath and a moment to quiet your mind to give yourself the opportunity to look within, tap into your strength, and use it.

3. The Tool of Hope. Although we have yet to see it, there is more than meets the eye. By choosing to harness the tool of hope, we shine light in the places of darkness. Follow the light of hope, and we are guided forward on our path.

4. The Tool of Openness. Choose to be open to limitless possibilities. Because something is one way now does not mean it will be the same way a day from now, an hour from now, or even a second from now. Life is in a constant state of change. In every moment of time, anything is possible.

5.The Tool of Trust. What is worse? Believing someone or something will catch you when you fall or believing you will crash and burn? Without trust, we will crash. Trust fully and fearlessly and believe in yourself. You WILL be supported.

6. The Tool of Love. Love your “stuckness.” There is something within it that is giving you an opportunity for introspection and for realizing your fears and moving through them. Do not self-criticize your stuckness. Instead, explore it and allow it to show you the way toward greater clarity and understanding.

7. The Tool of Obectivity. We are not our experiences. We are the life force observing ourselves moving through our experiences. Be the objective observer you truly are. Look at your life experience with compassion, objectivity, and non-judgment.

You have these tools and so many more. We all do. No one can take them away from us. Only you have the power to use them or to allow them to sit in their toolbox. Make the choice to use them. Notice the difference it makes in your life.

I invite you to contact me to learn more about how to practically apply the DeStress tools I’ve talked about and to learn more about the many others you hold.

With Love, Light and Gratitude,

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