What’s In a Tenth of a Second?

What’s in a tenth of a second?

The joy of love, the fear of hate;
A choice to be, a choice to create;
The movement of a flash of light;
The stillness of a silent night;
All that is, was, and will be;
Existing in an instant and in an eternity;
What does each fraction of time bring to us all?
A gift, an opportunity, to answer our Divine call.

Our Divine call …we may be unaware of it, but each of us has experienced it. It comes to us in an infinite number of forms and life situations. For some, it can be a spark of clarity in the midst of confusion. For others, it may be an inner knowing that we must take a certain action or pursue a certain goal. And for many of us, our calling may be to follow a new direction, one that is yet unknown or undefined.

Our calling is unique to each and every one of us and it is what inspires and motivates us. It is not associated with religion or dogma. It is an inner voice coming from deep within our hearts inviting us to listen. When we choose to hear the voice of our call, we accelerate our continuing journey forward in the evolution of our consciousness.

Will you choose to listen for the voice of your call?

With Love, Light and Gratitude,

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