Train Your Mind

“When you say, I can’t do this or that, it becomes a mantra and you end up believing it.” That is what my yoga teacher said to us in my morning yoga class while we were struggling and losing our faith in our ability to maintain a particular yoga posture. “Body follows mind,” he said. “Train your mind and all else will follow.”

The use of positive mantras and affirmations is a common practice. These are statements that when viewed, read, or recited regularly, can move us toward thoughts and behaviors that inspire greater health, compassion, empowerment, and joy. Until hearing the words my yoga instructor stated, I never fully acknowledged the true impact and frequency of what can be considered negative mantras and affirmations…phrases such as, “I can’t…,” “I’m not good enough…,” “I’ll never be happy…,” etc. We sometimes choose to believe statements like these and in that choice, we manifest them as truth.

I’ve developed a list of positive affirmations based on some themes of meditations and workshops I’ve given over the past year. I invite you to choose one of these affirmations to reflect upon each day, and throughout the day, repeatedly say the affirmation to yourself or out loud. Doing this will help you to let go of recurring negative mantras and welcome new thought patterns that will improve your overall well-being. “Train your mind and all else will follow.”


  1. I love and forgive myself and others and stand in the strength of my power to make choices that honor my greater good.
  2. I say yes to putting my own self-care first and no to all that does not serve my health and well-being.
  3. I am joyful as I allow myself the freedom to express both my playful and practical sides.
  4. I am grateful for and accept change, knowing that change pushes me to grow and transition into opportunities I never dreamed possible.
  5. I am grateful for the gifts of the earth and the perfect synchronicity in the Universe that provides all we need for life… the ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the fire we make for warmth, the changing seasons, the magnificence of nature.
  6. I am grateful for the moon and the cycles of the moon which represent a continuous cycle of awakening, growth, wisdom, maturity, and rebirth.
  7. I embrace kindness and compassion for myself and others, recognizing that while we are each living our own human experience, we are all united as the same essence of life.

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