Tips to Help You Experience Inner Joy

Instantly, I was overcome with the warmth of intense happiness. The slump in my shoulders disappeared. The heaviness in my head lifted, and my seemingly endless involvement in my day’s mind chatter ceased to exist as soon as I laid eyes on the illuminating smile of a beautiful baby girl. Never meeting her in person, the magickal power of this baby girl’s smile transcended her photo, moved through me, and transformed me into a state of pure joy.

Her smile permeated my essence and inspired me to feel and express joy. It reminded me that a joyous state of being is something each of us is born with and carries within our hearts, minds, and souls. Perhaps we’ve distanced ourselves from it over the years and through varying experiences, but it is there, aching to shine through us.

How can we connect with and experience our own inner joy, especially in the face of daily routines, challenges, and/or circumstances we feel are beyond our control? Here are three things to try:

  1. Feel, Experience, and Allow. Take some time to allow yourself to fully feel and experience all that is happening physically and emotionally. As you do this, you may be aware of your body giving you signals of what you need to do to care for yourself. Listen to those signals and give yourself whatever you need. When we take care of ourselves, we are more open to sensing and expressing joy.
  2. Be Aware. Notice and appreciate joy around you (i.e., a smile, a laugh you overhear in the distance, an uplifting story, an expression of kindness, the love and support of another for another). The more aware and grateful you become, the more joy you will see and experience.
  3. An adult’s smile can be just as powerful as that of a baby. Smiling inspires an uplifting energy shift within ourselves and others, and connects us and those around us to our inner joy.

Ask yourself the following: What if I kept in the forefront of my awareness my ability to identify, connect with, and express the joyous essence I was born with? How would that change me and our world?

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