I Had to be Reminded

When was the last time you felt grateful for all you are and all you’ve become?

In making myself a cup of tea a few days ago, I opened a tea bag which had the following statement written on its tag: Appreciate yourself and honor your soul.
This tea bag message made me contemplate the question above and wonder, in the spirit of setting New Year resolutions for the coming year, do we take the time to appreciate and honor ourselves in the process?
The end of December and start of January bring a plethora of thoughts and conversations related to goal setting for the New Year. Often these thoughts and conversations are peppered with self-judgement, guilt, and self-criticism for not achieving current goals or goals set in past years. Sometimes we berate ourselves for what we have not done or what we do not have, missing the opportunity to savor how far we we’ve come.

Celebrate your successes and make it your first and most important resolution of the New Year to appreciate yourself and honor your soul. Let go of self-judgement, guilt and self-criticism and look at yourself and all your experiences with kindness, love, gratitude and compassion. You are in the here and now, living this moment with every fiber of your being and you’ve lived through many life experiences (good, bad and ugly) to get you here. Embrace the success of that. Appreciate where you’ve been, all of the knowledge and wisdom you’ve accumulated, and all that you are. Appreciating yourself and honoring your soul is key to moving forward to manifesting your dreams for the New Year and beyond.

With Love, Light, and Gratitude,

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