Energize Your Life with This Two-Step Practice

How has the winter season been for you?

Often cold temperatures and shorter days can bring out the introvert in us. We can have the urge to do less and stay home more. We may also feel guilt about wanting to take some time away from the usual routine.

We’re conditioned to always have something to do or a place to go, and not “DOING” can make us feel unproductive.

In honoring your desire to do less, you relax your mind and body. A relaxed mind and body inspires productivity.

Step 2: Give Yourself the Space to BE.

To BE allows you to rest and recharge.
To BE sparks clarity and creativity.
In the space of BEING you discover insights and solutions.

In the space of BEING you cultivate a calming inner stillness that sustains and motivates.

When you are DOING you are fueled by BEING. Allow yourself the space to “BE” and notice how that energizes your DOING.

With Love, Light and Gratitude,

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